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If we are to expand and save ourselves by ruining lots of other planets we really need to look into this…

Almost 20,000 pieces of space debris are currently orbiting the Earth. This visualization, created by Dr Stuart Grey, lecturer at University College London and part of the Space Geodesy and Navigation Laboratory, shows how the amount of space debris increased from 1957 to 2015, using data on the precise location of each piece of junk ( from ).

In 2014 Ilya Naishuller made a crazy POV action music video for a ‘Biting Elbows’ tune called “Bad Motherfucker”and in doing so created a whole new style/genre of film making.
If you havent seen it WHY THE FUCK NOT? The full version is over 7 minutes long and it’s worth watching every second of it.

As that was so legendary Ilya was approached by a movie director to make full length feature film completely in the POV style.
He has made it! But he desperately needs funds to finish all the CGI, colour correction, sound effects etc and that shit don’t come cheap. He is crowd funding for the cash he needs to get this masterpiece onto the big screen.
Full details on but as of today it’s not looking promising.
He has released a short teaser and it made my penis swell a bit.

He could get the money straight away if he bowed to a big studio and looses his creative rights over the final product but he won’t do that. I think even if he doesn’t get all the funding he needs this time he will get it eventually, somebody will recognise how much cash this shit is going to generate.

Auntie Ethal  popped her clogs? Fuck all that funeral bollocks, putting up with relatives you haven’t seen for 20 years eating your biscuits, all those arrangements and not to mention the crazy costs some morbid bloke in a black suit is going to charge you for walking slowly the length of your street in front of a car filled with those biscuit eating spongers…
Why not do it Tibetan style!

In the high mountains of Tibet, where trees don’t grow, natural resources scarce, and the land is brutal, Tibetan Buddhists do not bury their dead, nor waste precious resources cremating the body. From dust to dust, flesh to flesh, nothing is wasted. Human body flesh makes precious food for the vultures.

We should at least have the choice of doing this and maybe make a bit from selling tickets for the show!

This is ED….

Maybe you noticed straight away ED is CGI maybe it took a few seconds…that’s not the point, the point is that in less than 5 or 10 years YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO BELIEVE A FUCKING THING YOU SEE ON THE NEWS!

Not a drop of water,air bubble, wave, building or cloud in the sky is real. We can now create ANYTHING we want and make it do or say ANYTHING we want.
Anyone will have access to this technology, every side of every argument, war or conflict will be able to present something that proves they are right or proves something they say the other side has done.

Scary shizzle….