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I enjoy watching ‘Educating Greater Manchester’ , a great television programme that gives us a glimpse of life in a UK secondary school. The series focuses on a different group of students each episode and we see the challenges they face, the reasons for them having issues and sometimes how they overcome them. It’s also wonderful to see real teachers at work and some of the things they have to deal with on a daily basis.

The episode I watched the other day was focused on some of the issues created by social media and the efforts of the school to deal with them.

I could not believe that smart phones are allowed in lessons. this is complete madness. One clip was of a girl trying to finish a game of something whilst the teacher was asking her to stop and listen and then complaining to the teacher and the rest of the class that she had lost the game.

There were countless shots of children snap-chatting, texting, taking pictures and checking their phones etc whilst in class. At one point one child’s phone beeped and the teacher actually said “Put your phones on silent please”!!!

I realise that children today have grown up with mobile phones and the internet but shouldn’t that be the exact reason that the phones are left at the school doors? Young people have so much less time interacting because most of the time they are staring at these devices and yet they are allowed to use them during lessons?

Pupils were googling answers to questions, in class!

There can not be any valid reason for phones to be allowed in school, I believe they are allowed simply because the backlash from students and parents would be so severe that allowing them is just the easier option.

The rule should be that you do not bring your phone to school and if you do it will be secured until you leave at the end of the day. Put a scanner on the doors as children will obviously try to get around the rule.

I had absolutely no idea that phones in school were a thing. I simply presumed they were not allowed. The fact that they are is not helping the children of this county, it’s harming them.

I predict it’s all going to kick off!

In 2000 the annual income of the UK gambling industry was 8 Billion quid, in 2015 it will be 183 Billion! and yes, those were BILLIONS!

I used to work in the UK gaming industry (Casinos) for 15 years. When I started and up until a couple of years before I left the industry was a very clandestine business and I don’t mean that in a bad way. If you’re old enough can you think back before the millenium to a time you heard anyone talk about casinos or even see one in the street or on TV/Radio?


The gambling act of 1963 did not change much at all until 2004. It was unique for almost any country in the world in that it was designed with the pupose of making it difficult for citizens to enter a casino and for the casinos themselves it put huge restrictions on every aspect of their business. In other words it protected the population from gambling. To put it into perspective here are some of the things that were UK Law up until 2004..ish



-Only a certain amount of casinos were allowed within any area.
-Casinos could not advertise their business in any way to the general public.
-Opening times were restricted.
-In order to enter a casino you had to be a member, to do this you brought 2 forms of ID to the casino and then you can enter TWO DAYS LATER!
-Only a certain amount of gaming tables & fruit machine were allowed depending on your floor space.
-Betting limits were restricted as were jackpots on electronic machines.
-To work in the gaming area of a casino you had to be licensed which entailed not only being trained to a high standard but also rigourous police checks to assure you arn’t dodgy.
-Only 1 zero allowed on a roulette wheel.
-Blackjack rules & guidence must give the player the advantage.

One of the most unforgivable changes was letting the gaming industry advertise, when you combine this with pretty much unrestricted amounts of casinos, betting shops and most certainly websites then we were officially fucked.
In the space of just a few years we have gone from never hearing of or seeing a casino except in James Bond to there being 2 adverts every TV break on every channel 24 hours a day.

Then there’s the betting shops, remember that dull looking place down a side street that had covered windows and not many people going in? Now we see multiple large brightly lit betting shops on every single high street and lots more on any other street you can find, go in and you can not only bet on the horses and dogs but play roulette, blackjack and a long list of other games for money.

Betting Shops used to have all the similar restrictions of casinos too!

A restricted amount of premises related to the local population.
Restricted opening times.Zero advertising.
And so on……
BINGO lady

My mom used to play bingo at the local social club every Friday, it was fun and she would occasionally win a few quid. All the ‘old dears’ bloody loved it. Then a few years later a few big bingo halls opened up, they pushed the boundaries and opened up bingo to the masses with massive halls and big jackpots. Bingo has always been pushed as more of a womans game although more and more men enjoy playing now and there is less of a stigma of them playing.

Now bingo is everywhere, it’s unbelievable how many bingo sites there are and who is pushing them. As with casino sites companies offer ‘white lable’ sites to anyone who wants one, all you need is a website address and the ability to advertise it and you can go to a company that will put thier bingo site on your page and make it look like it’s branded to you.

So rejoice that you can play bingo at official sites like…….  (The Sun)  (Sky Broadcasting) (Iceland Freezer Shops) (The Mirror) (Heart Radio) (Take A Break Magazine) (ITV Television) (For Vampires) (The TV Show) (Dating Site) (If you’re angry) (If you’re posh) (If you have a booty) (Presumably for the under 8’s)






Really the list goes on, I could fill the next 10 pages with just urls.

The point here is that when we see an advert for Iceland steak bakes we don’t even bat an eyelid when they let us know in the same breath we can play bingo on their site? WTF?
The other point is numbers, if Iceland, Take A Break Magazine and Heart Radio know that it’s worth it (profitable) to have their own bingo site despite there already being thousands already making money then HOW MANY OF US ARE LOOSING MONEY ON ALL THIS SHIT?

Yup, loosing money, thats what happens….ALWAYS. That is not an opinion, it’s a fact. If a casino advertises that they have paid out 50 million in winnings this year then you can times that by an absolute minimum of ten for the amount of pure profit they made.

I can’t stress the following point enough “YOU WILL NOT WIN WHEN YOU GAMBLE” That’s not me being negative towards the industry or being bitter it is just simple fact. Who in their right mind would open a business that pays out more than it takes in? erm…. NOBODY EVER!
It’s not particle physics people it’s just common sense.



So the reason for this post is that I predict in the next 10 years it will kick off bigtime when someone starts to investigate how much of peoples money is being lost on something which wasn’t allowed 20 years before. It’s all money that would have probably been spent on something and not just thrown away and that has an effect on all of us.