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I enjoy watching ‘Educating Greater Manchester’ , a great television programme that gives us a glimpse of life in a UK secondary school. The series focuses on a different group of students each episode and we see the challenges they face, the reasons for them having issues and sometimes how they overcome them. It’s also wonderful to see real teachers at work and some of the things they have to deal with on a daily basis.

The episode I watched the other day was focused on some of the issues created by social media and the efforts of the school to deal with them.

I could not believe that smart phones are allowed in lessons. this is complete madness. One clip was of a girl trying to finish a game of something whilst the teacher was asking her to stop and listen and then complaining to the teacher and the rest of the class that she had lost the game.

There were countless shots of children snap-chatting, texting, taking pictures and checking their phones etc whilst in class. At one point one child’s phone beeped and the teacher actually said “Put your phones on silent please”!!!

I realise that children today have grown up with mobile phones and the internet but shouldn’t that be the exact reason that the phones are left at the school doors? Young people have so much less time interacting because most of the time they are staring at these devices and yet they are allowed to use them during lessons?

Pupils were googling answers to questions, in class!

There can not be any valid reason for phones to be allowed in school, I believe they are allowed simply because the backlash from students and parents would be so severe that allowing them is just the easier option.

The rule should be that you do not bring your phone to school and if you do it will be secured until you leave at the end of the day. Put a scanner on the doors as children will obviously try to get around the rule.

I had absolutely no idea that phones in school were a thing. I simply presumed they were not allowed. The fact that they are is not helping the children of this county, it’s harming them.