Criminals & Prison – The Only 2 Options.

For a long time we have been sending criminals to prison, in almost half of cases when we free someone they will return to prison at some point and the reason for that is they have been caught doing another crime and found guilty of it. It is safe to presume that a far greater number are re-offending but are either not caught or not prosecuted.

Here’s some stats.

  • UK Prison Population (Dec 2016) – 77,880 (Male & Female in every category of institution)
  • Average cost to the tax payer per prisoner (2016) – £32,520 (Between £27,972 and £85,975)
  • Adult convicted re-offending rate (2015) – 44.7%
  • Juvenile convicted re-offending rate (2015) – 37.9%

Our prisons do not work in their present form. We are trying to punish and rehabilitate at the same time and this makes no sense.
You cannot mix prisoners that want to live a crime free life or are capable of rehabilitation with other prisoners that are intent on staying criminals. Plus when they get out they encourage and/or teach others criminal behaviour and are basically scumbags.

The prisons are overwhelmed with drugs, contraband and mobile phones. They are making rap videos and selling the ‘music’ on iTunes!

It’s too easy to smuggle things in either by visits, deliveries, drones or crooked officers. Contraband and goods legally purchased in prisons are used as currency and therefore become a symbol of power over others






We have open prisons where rapists, murderers and child molesters are held alongside shoplifters, drug addicts and tax evaders and we have maximum security prisons where pretty much the same type are people are held. Again this makes no sense at all.

They are violent scary places and none of that can or will change except to get even worse.

Young people that move in the ‘right’ circles or grow up in the ‘right’ areas learn that prison can be not that much of a problem, they grow up knowing people that have been there many times but are still committing crime therefore how bad can it be? They learn that some even make more money inside than they do on the outside. We let the wrong people free to teach the wrong lessons to others.

We need 2 systems, the first is a system where the person who gets out will teach the lesson to others that the prison helped them and gave them the means and morals never to commit crime again and the second system will show everyone that if a prisoner cannot or will not be rehabilitated he will never be seen by anyone ever again.

The First System – Rehabilitation

It’s important that not every criminal will be given the chance of the first system for a few reasons. Firstly we are not starting from the beginning of time, if someone is convicted again for a serious crime, rape, murder, child abuse, domestic abuse and many others then that criminal will go straight into the second system.
If someone is convicted for the 100th time after the system goes into force they will go straight into the second system.
If a criminal confirms by their own admission they will retaliate against someone or commit further crimes they will go straight into the second system.
There will be many other reasons to bypass the first system.

This first system will help the criminal, it will educate, train and encourage them. They will live a comfortable healthy life while inside without the threat of violence and intimidation.
If they have any mental health issues they will be counselled and treated. If they are addicts they will be treated and weaned off without the assistance of substitute drugs.
Large population communal prisons do not work. Prisoners in system one will be housed in very small blocks of just a few inmates specially chosen to be compatible with each other.
If they are uneducated to college level then they will be taught up to that level. They will asked what they would like to do and wherever possible be trained to do that job or be taught to a high enough level so they can be trained when they are released.

The point here is a huge percentage of criminals are victims of either their environment, family or friends. Very few people get a great start to life, a good education and fantastic advice and then go on to commit crime.
So although we cannot give them the start they should have had we can certainly give them an education and worthy advice and guidance from decent people, and over time many of the criminals will see that life is more rewarding if they do things the right way and have the resources to do it.

So we give them 4 years which includes any time needed to come off any drugs. During this time each prisoner will have a mentor, if for any reason prisoner and mentor don’t click then we change the mentor. They will live in very comfortable blocks in their own rooms, they will not have TV or games consoles, they will have books. Everyday they will be taught basic education eventually progressing to higher levels, while this is going on they will be working towards an employment goal which was defined at the start, they will learn their trade.
They will exercise daily and eat healthy food. They will get 2 visits a year separated behind glass, in the last year they can have 2 visits where they can hold their spouse or children or parents.
In the beginning of their regime they will probably make mistakes, these are allowed as they do not know any better but they must learn, if they repeatably mess up and show no signs of improvement in their first year they will be sent into the second system.
By the second year they will know or should know the score so only 2 mistakes are allowed, any more and they are sent into the second system.
For years 3 and 4 no mistakes are allowed, by this time there will be no excuse for any bad or disrespectful behaviour. 1 strike and it’s the second system.

By the time they are released into the community they will have learned not only knowledge and respect but also their own worth. The successful ones will not teach others criminality but the values of education and working towards a goal.

If they screw up, even once then they will be sent immediately into the second system.

The Second System – Punishment and Paying For Your Crimes

Some people are just scumbags and/or career criminals and for these people there are zero reesons to show any compassion or mercy as they show none to their victims.
What we do at the moment is to squeeze the worst people in society all together in huge criminal cesspits to socialise and communicate with each other while they give absolutely nothing back to society at all. This also gives them the opportunity to share ways to commit crime, brag about crimes they have done, get ‘respect’ from others for the worst crimes, plan future crimes and commit crimes while in prison. This is not a place of punishment for the vast majority of criminals in there, for many the worst thing about prison is dealing with bullying sand intimidation from other prisoners.
So we need a drastic change to the entire structure and this is where the second system come in.

We will build massive new prisons, human rights will go out the window (except there will be no windows). The people that will be held in these new prisons are prisoners that will at some point if let out commit more crime, so we won’t let them out, ever.
It will be one to a cell and cells will consist of a mattress, a toilet, a sink and a treadmill. They will be just big enough for a person to stand up and stretch their arms but nothing more. They will be given a cheap nutrition (gruel) and water only. They will not get visitors, ever. They will not be let out their cells, ever. They will not communicate with other prisoners or officers, ever. Soundproof cells are the key. They will not receive any medical treatment, ever. They are going there to die.

In the cells will be a treadmill, if they choose to they can walk or run on it and this will generate power firstly for the jail and any left over for the community.
The only choice they will ever have is to end the incarceration by volunteering for a quick lethal injection, no strapping them to a gurney with witnesses watching, just an arm stuck through a special hole in their cell marked ‘FREEDOM’ which holds their arm there until the doc comes along on their daily jab fest.

It’s so simple.

I think this will work, if only to get the worst of society out of circulation and give the ones that want to try a real chance of changing theirs and others lives.
Costs of keeping these wasters will plummet and that’s even with the extra costs of the rehabilitation programme. Insurance across the board will go down as the crime will gradually be reduced. Government costs for everything to do with criminality such as the courts, probation will be reduced. Costs to businesses and councils will be reduced due to less damage and theft.

We will never get rid of all crime but we can get rid of most of it by getting rid of the people who do it and stopping the people that do it from teaching others to do.

Let’s get rid of the human rights act and make this a reality!

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